Angel Toy



Seattle mail artist Angel Toy used to live a few blocks from me when I still lived on Capitol Hill, yet we never met, even while exchanging artwork for years. I've occasionally met mail artists who turned out to be abominable with smelly breath, so sometimes it's worth preserving the mystery & the assumption that anyone who creates charming postcards is also a charming human being. In my imagination Angel Toy is as lovely & intelligence & fun to be with as her mail art is fun to receive. How often does reality live up to a dream? Whether I'm right or wrong I may never know.

This example of Angel Toy's mailart is from 1 December 1994. It incorporates two nearly identical handcarved rubber stamps of ratties, the first carving stamped onto another piece of rubber to carve the same image in reverse. The composition also uses commercial rubber stamps which were stamped separately on white paper then cut out & pasted to the red cardstock. The ferris wheel cut out with deckling scissors with pieces out of it struck me as a very nice touch. The flipside is a collage of words & pictures adding up to a holiday greeting.

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