Mono Wolstat



This post card has its own history printed with it. It is 21 of 27 potato carving post cards made 11 January 1992, mailed to me in 1994. This card has been magnetted to the refrigerator for years. The inks are water soluable so it's gotten a bit smeary over time, but after I scanned it to put on the web, I put the original back on the refrigerator where it should be good for another decade or so.

Coincidentally, I too had a mouse get my yams once. I caught the mouse in a live trap, then got in an empty bath tub & let the mouse loose between my knees. It ran around & around in the tub but couldn't get up the slippery sides, so it climbed up me instead. I had all my clothes on, the tub being dry, & the mouse ran all over me like it had velcro feet. It soon figured out I couldn't reach it if it clung to my blouse at the small of my back, which forced me to partially undress.

In less than fifteen minutes I was holding & petting the mouse & it had completely gotten over its fear. I kept it about a week as a pet, until Babs who I lived with at the time accidentally let it loose. Because it was so tame she mistakenly thought it would stay in her blouse pocket & sleep, but it had surreptitiously climbed out of her pocket & down her pantleg without her even feeling it. And it was much too smart ever to go in the live trap a second time.

Mono Wolstat seems nowadays to be mostly involved in issuing a perzine (personal magazine).

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