Sylvia "Tiger-girl" Kleindist



I have paperdolls, post cards, folding cards, & just scads of original works of art by Sylvia Kleindist, who for a couple years signed many of her works to me Tiger-girl. If I recall she started using that name after I began addressing things to her thus, but maybe she was using the name already, I forget.

The card shown here is a paper collage on a piece of cardboard mat, the finished artwork heavily lacquered. The little ratty is an original rubberstamp carving. Sylvia used that image on several other cards I've saved.

A note on the address side says, "Dear Ratti: Thank you so much for the Cinderellas. I have something I'm sending you soon in appreciation for all you send. Remember the box you sent with the mail art? Some fellow thought it was such a great box! Well, I've added a collage & I'll send it back to him. I'm sure he will be quite amazed to have it show up again. Best, Sylvia."

The "something" she sent me were original paper dolls, extremely artful. The "box" she alludes to was something I sent her as one of the "Paghat's Mail Share Service" parcels, the box having been recycled from another mail artist to me. Sylvia decorated that box & returned it to the original sender! Just the sort of thing I hope will happen when I send out Mail Share parcels.

Her reference to "Cinderellas" means "fake stamps." Cinderella is a philatelist term for postage stamps that aren't real & is inclusive of but not restricted to artistamps. I used to mix artistamps with vintage Easter Seals & all sorts of cinderellas & send them to people, & many people regularly contributed sheets of their artistamps for me to divy up between the participants. I got tired of that project after a couple years. Some artistamp designers actually got peevish that I preferred to use the older term Cinderella Stamps.

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