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Bobbie Thomas, fashion and style editor for MSNBC television and the Today Show, has a brindle chihuahua named CiCi, short for Cookies and Cream.

The name was provided by a Today Show viewer after Bobbie asked for help naming her new pup. Bobbie's other choices included such stomach-turning possibilities as Oochie Wawa, Oreo, or Speckles.

As of April, 2010, Bobbie and CiCi have begun showing up at Celebrity Dog events and fundraisers in and around Hollywood, promoting "canine couture" including doggy earrings, boas, robes, other words, a dog owner who should be mugged and the dog saved from an appalling life of christmas-tree-ornamented horror, including having to be manhandled by smoker-faced Bride of Frankenstein tv host Kathy Lee Gifford, below.


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