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Brendan Fraser with his chihuahua Lucy (above), and with his wife, Lucy, and collie Wiley (below). These photos by Christopher Ameruoso. are from around 2002, and today, Brandan no longer has that wife, and he has an entirely different chihuahua, so I'm guessing the ex got Lucy.

Of his present elderly rescue chi he said in May 2010, "I have a Chihuahua who may be the fattest Chihuahua on the planet, which astonishes me because he's only got like two teeth left in his head to eat with. I donžt know, maybe his legs are shrinking because his stomach keeps getting closer to the ground."

Because Brendon had to put on the pounds himself for his role in Furry Vengeance (2010), he said the overweight chi was "was my role model for the film."

Brendan Fraser

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