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Young television actresses, the sisters Ashley and Courtney Peldon, pose at a Cesar dogfood-sponsored fundraising event with their pups. Both dogs are actually Courtney's, but Ashley holds the cream-and-chocolate longhair chihuahua Escargot ("Scar" for short), and Courtney holds the chocolate toy poodle Godiva ("Diva" for short).

Courtney was a regular in such shows as the fantasy sitcom Harry and the Hendersons (1991-1993) and the dramatic Boston Public (2003-2004). Ashley's career began in 1988 at age four when she was cast on the daytime soap The Guiding Light and by age six had won an Emmy Award for her role. Apart from her many guest-stints on various tv shows, she has also been appearing in low-budget films like the UFO movie Night Skies (2007) and the werewolf shocker Skin Walker (2004).

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