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In 2005, fame-chaser Heidi Montag's "reality" television show The Hills included a six-month anniversary and christmas celebration with her transiently beloved Jordan Eubanks, during which she had bestowed upon her the gift of a chihuahua, name of Bella, portrait above.

The relationship with Jordan ran its phoney commercial course and Heidi went on to the next beau. And she gave Bella away, admitted that caring for Bella was too much trouble, and confessed, "I hated that dog." Rumor has it that poor cast-off Bella was given to hobos to be eaten.

It's not rare for the vain and talentless to have no place in their hearts for anyone but themselves. And yet not long after, when Heidi had moved on to Spencer Pratt, he got her a couple malti-poos (maltese poodle mixes, shown below with Heidi). No word as yet that she's kicked them to the back burner too.

Jill Zarin

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