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Holly Madison

Holly Madison is a pin-up girl, Vegas "burly-q" for Planet Hollywood's burlesque shows, Dancing With The Stars performer, top babe in The Girls Next Door (2005-2009) "reality" show and its spin-off Holly's World (2009-present), actress in such films as The Telling (2009) and The Last Broadcast (1998), and Hugh Heffner's ex-girlfriend.

She has two chihuahuas, Duke and Duchess. In the non-profit promotional ad above (as magazine page, and as highway signboard) shows chubby pale Duchess atop Holly, and perky Duke on his side. The photo used in the campaign was by internationally famed celebrity pet photographer Christopher Ameruoso.

The photos below show Holly, Duke, and Holly's ex Hugh, during a 2007 charity event for Much Love Animal Rescue which Holly arranged at the Playboy mansion. She also had two pomeranians, Harlow and Panda.

Her four dogs long had full run of the Playboy Mansion, during which time she described herself as "Mistress of the Mansion Pooches," which included fellow Mansion-mates' dogs: Kendra Wilkinson's Martini the Jack Russell and Rascal the Welsh Corgi, and Bridget Marquards little black Pekingese Wednesday and cat Gizmo.

Sadly for Holly and especially for Duke, while she was moving out of the Playboy mansion in 2009, she left Duke and Duchess with trusted friends. Alas, Duke escaped the house and set out in a snowstorm looking for his mistress. He was found days later, frozen to death.

Holly Madison

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