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Singer, actress, and dancer Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go for a stroll with Jennifer's chihuahua Reina, who had to go through special intervention training because of her uncontrolable behavior. I presume the hulking dude behind Ben and Jennifer is a bodyguard, who I feel like naming Smily Goomba.

Reina was a gift from Puff Daddy (long before he became P. Diddy) when she and "Puffy" were together. Then when she was with Ben, she had, besides Reina, a chocolate lab named Buster and a cocker spaniel named Boots. So a dog lover faithful and true.

So how cute that in The Back-Up Plan (2010) she plays a Greenwich Village petshop owner, and even manages to promote pet adoption. Her character Zoe has a Boston terrier named Nuts, who is played by three dogs whose names are Nip, Tuck, and Nubbins. Below is a publicity shot of Jennifer with Nubbins.

Jennifer Lopez

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