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We should repopularize the word odalisque in order to better understand the public's endless fascination for women whose behavior is sometimes dubious, whose talent is frequently (though not inevitably) limited, but whose beauty is a little more certain.

An odalisque is a woman popular for her beauty rather than her talent, a widely admired courtesan of independence & wealth. For the past decade chihuahuas have remained popular among odalisques, probably due to Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell, though to be sure Hollywood types and trundled about with chihuahuas since days of silent cinema.

When Tinkerbell took to nipping at people who reached out to touch her in Paris's arms, Paris replaced the dog with a ferret, which turned out to be even nippier. Paris's serial pets, once they vanish from her fashion statements, do continue to get good care at home, as she privately continues to adore even her retired assessories, or so it's said.

The accumulation of a large number of pets is generally to be defined as a hoarding disorder. What distinguishes Paris from the crazy people charged with animal abuse after acquiring too many pets to take care of any of them properly, is Paris is rich, and can afford the hired hands to make absolutely certain every animal is well cared for.

Thus in their own mini-mansion in Paris's backyard, a contingent of dog groomers comes daily to pamper and fluff the collection.

In the photo up top, we see Paris in Tokyo in 2005. She wwas missing her pack of chihuahuas, and ended up getting two more. These pups are Hirajuku Bitch, soon after shortened to Hirajuki, and Tokyo Blue, christmas presents to herself.

The second photo shot through the car window is of Paris arranging Hirajuku for the ride home. The final photo, below, shows Hirajuku grown up and surrounded by designer stuff for dogs.


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