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Shannon Elizabeth

The two photos above show Shannon Elizabeth with Casper the Friendly Chihuahua. The final photo, below, shows her with her huge chihuahua-mix, Yoda. She has many other dogs, all rescues.

As an actress largely in comedies and horror films, Shannon has appeared in Scary Movie (2000), American Pie 2 (2001), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), Thir13een Ghosts (2002)Cursed (2005), Night of the Demons (2005), and she was a regular in the cable comedy series Cuts (2005-2006).

Shannon long volunteered for animal rescue organizations and eventually founded her own, Animal Avengers, knowing that when she was sent on tour promoting a new film she could take the opportunity to promote rescue and adoption while she was at it. Animal Avengers has great fund-raising parties and is deeply into networking in the Los Angeles area for the sake of beasties.

Shannon Elizabeth

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