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Chihuahua as burrito (above). The photo is by "smalps," who has a Flickr photostream. Although nothing else resembles this funny photo, the link provided will take you to another picture of a chi pup, not the same one, this one's Cuervo.

Since the burrito was invented in Chihuahua, Mexico, it's an even more appropriate sight-gag. This and the microwave chihuahua (below) got me my very first hate-mail for the chihuahua pictures.

A crazy woman in Europe wrote me assaultively first in French then a second time in broken English, asserting that I am heartless and evil because I advocate eating and microwaving chihuahuas! (I actually recommend Chows, there's more meat on their bones.)

In the microwave is Zach, aka, "the Mexican." He belongs to blogger Sarcastic Mom. He is slightly aroused to be in the microwave. Why one might consider microwaving one's chihuahua is explained at Sarc's blog in the article Welcome Back Pee-Dog! with more great photos of "the Mexican."

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