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"My snot. My snot.
I like my snot a lot."

I first saw this photo (above) as an uncredited illustration in an article about how ugly chihuahuas are. I thought it was badly chosen because to me this was a very amusing and pleasant looking dog, disproving the author's thesis.

Chihuahuas are such cute little devils that devil costumes are popular for them. I can't remember where i first saw the photo reproduced below, as it's been "borrowed" so many places by people who don't believe in giving credits.

I've seen that photo (below) reproduced several places without complete identification. This pup was even once identified on one website as Kiero the chihuahua, from Chile, but Kiero was a nickname in South America for Gidget the Taco Bell spokesdog, whose slogan was "Yo quiero Taco Bell."

I finally found the source, in the Flickr photostream of "Knee Bone" who has other photos of this appleheaded charmer. The photo-artist's name for this one is "Baby Devil Goat," as the chi's name is Baby Goat. And the picture of the snot-licking chihuahua turned out to be the same dog.

More Super Dooper Portaits of Baby Goat the Chihuahua

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