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Nutso chihuahhua weddings seem to be happening all the time! We gotta change the Constitution and stop this nonsense or human marriage is doomed!

There was a chihuahua wedding in Antwerp, Belgium (Above Left), at an annual dog fashion show at the Woefstock Dog Festival, October 2006. Photographed by Kris Van Exel.

Pam Dickens' therapy dogs, six-year-old Chicklet the chihuahua-mix bride and five-year-old Blake (photo top right above) the yellow lab groom get married at Tampa General Hospital, 12 June 2009.

Chicklet and Blake were already well known at the hospital for their visits in costumes for Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and whatnot. The dogs signed their wedding certificate with paw-prints (lone photograph immediately above) and it was legally notorized. Pediatric social worker Rosana Rivera then pronounced, "You may now sniff the bride." Photos by professional wedding photographer Cliff McBride.

One bride's gown was by big-shot fashion designer Wayne Clark, for the marriage of Napoleon and Josephine at the Big Chihuahua Wedding event in Toronto (photo up top, bottom-most of three), hosted by dog owner and celebrity chef Ken Kostick (holding his dogs in photo immediately above).

Comedian Ted Morris concluded the vows with the apparently traditional "You may now sniff the bride." This was a fundraiser event in support of the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides; I assume there was money left after the dogs' honeymoon night in the Prime Minister's Suite at the Royal York Hotel. [June 2009. Photo by Angie McKaig.]

A finaly example of the Unamerican Act of dogs marrying dogs is featured below, the 2007 wedding of Chica and Chachi, in that sin-laiden state of Louisiana.

If we continiue to permit dogs get married, next gay people will be getting married. Then gay people will be getting married to dogs! Rocks will be marrying marion berry pies. And God will destroy the world out of sheer ornery pissed-offed-ness.

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