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After Madonna gave birth of her son Rocco Ritchie, she lost interest in her chiihuahuas. She fobbed off Chiquita and Rosita on a friend, Glenn Shadix, who got them a small film role in the remarkable, edgy comedy Fast Sofa (2001) with Jake Busey as a porn addict on a road trip with a pleasantly insane Crispin Glover.

Unfortunately Shadix couldn't keep the chihuahuas which were placed, with Madonna's third chihuahua Evita, in a Burbank "rescue" shelter which was in actuality a hell hole. Someone came forward to adopt Chiquita and Evita, but the demented hoarder posing as a chihuahua rescuer refused for six months to allow Rosita to be adopted out.

Through those six months, Rosita ended her life in a small cage without exercise, where she lost her teeth but was stiill fed hard kibble, and at long last expired of pneumonia -- a long, lingering, torturous death for an animal formerly treated to jeweled collars from Tiffanies.

Will Madonna do better with Rocco Ritchie? I can imagine him a methhead in jail toothless and tubercular after his mum moves onto something else she transiently loves, a doomed pony maybe.

Fast Sofa

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