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Late in July 2008, in Keeler Township, Michigan, drunken bad-guy Pedro Diaz got in a fight with his girlfriend. After beaning her with a beer can, she called the cops. The police tazered him into submission then arrested and charged him with felony domestic violence.

After he was processed, he was released and headed straight back home to finish the job. He chucked a rock through the woman's car window before forcing his way back into the home.

This time he picked up the woman's pregnant chihuahua and threw it at her face as hard as he could, injuring the dog. The woman had injuries to her forehead and elbow. The chihuahua was taken to a vet, but the woman refused medical attention.

As the guy's name was Pedro, what was the chihuahua's name? I imagine the unnamed subject of his abuse was named Chica, but the chihuahua was named Mrs. Swenson. This would all be funny if it weren't so terrible for an assaulted woman and an injured pet.

Diaz was hauled away a second time and booked into Van Buren County Jail on $10,000 bond, with added charges of property damage and felony animal cruelty. He was arraigned, get this, in Paw Paw District Court.

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