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Kyle Jackson Wetle, pictured above at age eight in 2006, once again fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the Children's Hospital in San Francisco.

He's getting to hang out for a while with his loving 15-month-old chihuahua Chemo. How happy Chemo is to see his kid! The photo below shows Chemo when Kyle first got him, when the pup was no bigger than a can of corn.

Chemo had been dognapped from a parking lot. The photo, by Lea Suzuki, captured the moment of reunion, after having been gone for four days.

When Kyle's mom Katrina Wetle went to the police station to see if the recovered dog was Chemo, she became ecstatic upon recognizing him. "I just couldn¼t believe I was holding him after everything that¼s happened. I am so excited for Kyle that I¼m just about to pop."

Upon being reuinited with Chemo, Kyle said, "I didn't lose faith. Every night, I was thinking about when I had fun with him, when I would play with him outside. He's really fun to play with."


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