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In the inner-city Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, on 13 January 2010, Tina, a chihuahua-pug mix, was snatched up by a coyote.

The little dog would frequently wait with her owner LaQuita Fenton for the children Quincy 6 and Quinita 8 to get off the Elementary School bus.

As they stood waiting on the sidewalk, Tina saw what she mistook for another dog in the adjacent park, and took off to greet the coyote. The wild animal snatched Tina in its jaws and shook her like a rag doll.

KIRO news reporter Chris Legeros happened to be in the neighborhood on another story, and began chucking sticks at the coyote, which ran off, dropping Tina. Rushed to the nearest veterninarian clinic, the diagnosis was that Tina could not possibly survive.

LaQuita went for a second opinion elsewhere, and was told there was a chance for Tina but the surgery would be expensive. The family could not afford it, but love of Tina was too great, and the dog was signed into 24-hour emergency care, though informed the dog could not be released to her until the bill was paid.

In the meantime, the story was covered on KIRO tv, and two donoers from the community moved by Tina's plight paid off the dog's medical bill. Waiting for Tina back home were a number of special gifts, including doggy treats, a Santa Claus outfit, a bikini, and a pumpkin Halloween suit, added to Tina's favorite cheerleader outfit.

Tina's relieved and happy mom, LaQuita Fenton, hugged and kissed her doggy upon her release from the Animal Critical Care in Lake City, where she'd undergone emergency surgery to save her life. In the photo below, tubes from the surgery can still be seen at the dog's throat. "We love her," said LaQuita. "She's my baby. She's my child."


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