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Danka Korvak lived in Revuca, Slovakia, weighing 27 ounces, and seven and a quarter inches long, five and a quarter inches tall (at the shoulder).

DankaThe photos with red background (she's actually on a red cloth sofa) are by Petr Josek, who gave Danka a lovely photo session in September 2004, when the dog was two years old.

At the time these photos were shot, Danka was listed as the world's smallest dog. She displaced a Florida record-holding chi named Brandy who weighed two ounces more than Danka.

Brandy was not quite as long as was Danka, but the Guiness record is based on height at the shoulder, so Danka won. But in 2005, Danka was displaced in the Record by a Massachusetts chihuahua named Ducky.

Danka was one of ten dogs owned by Igor Kvetko, who began to suspect she was awfully small even for a chihuahua.

"So I got in touch with the Guinness Book of Records. "Eventually I got back a certificate that confirmed what I thought: she's the smallest living dog on the planet."

She never cared much for wet dogfood, preferring kibble that had been crushed up. She ate only the granuals, and of that only about two and a half ounces a day.

Danka died in 2006, a short life for usually long-lived chihuahuas, as these runts though fascinating as oddities are rarely if ever the healthiest of dogs. And in some of these pictures, the amount of porphyrin around Danka's eyes suggests health stressers throughout her life.

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