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Early in May 2010, Sarah Lopus of the Berkeley Hills, California, was walking her two dogs, Oliver the chihuahua and Lucy the basset hound. Unexpectedly a deer rushed out of a wooded area and began kicking at her dogs with its front legs.

Sharah shoved at the deer then bent over the tiny chihuahuas to protect them, so the deer began kicking her, tearing and nearly ripping off her blouse.

Dragging the dogs on their leashes, she began running down the street screaming for help, the deer in hot pursuit. At long last, neighbors rushed out and scared the deer away. Sarah had a puncture wound on her leg.

The pads of all four of Oliver's paws were ripped open when Sarah dragged him down the street. But was doing fine after the vet placed bandages and some protective socks on his feet, and provided him with a pain prescription. [Photos above by Dean Smith]


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