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Diane Portelli's crime-fighting chihuahua Timmy, late in 2006, stayed awake and alert even as Diane and her boxer named Chatham fell into a blissful afternoon nap, unaware that a thief was once again sneaking onto the porch. The thief had previously stolen a rug and lamp from the porch, and had apparently returned for the wicker chair.

Three-year-old Timmy began growling. Diane ignored it at first and tried to stay asleep. But Timmy was insistent, as a creepy neighbor woman was trying to rip up the replacement carpet Diane's husband had firmly nailed to the porch to keep it from getting stolen.

Diane whipped open the door and Timmy was off like a dart chasing burglar Amy Figlesthaler, 38, to the end of the block before returning home. Meanwhile Diane called the police and Figlesthaler was arrested and held in county jail on $5,000 bond. Diane said, "She never would've been caught if not for Timmy!"

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