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Athletic Maddy, the five and a half pound "choodle" chihuahua-poodle mix, belongs to Sue Yee, who trains Maddy as a runner in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, and as a gets her swim training at Prospect Park.

Yee adopted Maddy when she was six weeks old. "Even then, she was fast!" In 2006, the young dog placed third in her first regional racing event. In 2007 Maddy won the national chihuahua race big finals in San Diego, an annual event sponsored by PetCo. She ran a 35-foot course in two seconds! This won Maddy the title "Fastest chihuahua in America."

She she had to defend her title in 2008, and was happy to undergo lots and lots of training, running, swimming, and stair-climbing. Then it was off again to San Diego, where she would cut two seconds off her record. See her running on the Today Show coverage at youtube:

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