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Gracie the chiweenie got to be in the news October 2009 for a weekend of scared troublemaking. At Victoria International Airport, her dog carrier was being off-loaded from an airplane when unexpectedly she got the door open and took off.

Ground crew chased her all over the landing field but she was way too swift. She eluded capture the entire weekend, spotted periodically both off and on the airfield.

On Monday morning Kim Oldham, director of Dog Bless Rescue Partners that had already saved Gracie and her pup Annie from an execution at a kill-shelter in Alabama, brought Annie with her as "bait" to keep Gracie from running away again.

She was found hiding underneath a sign, and came out to be reunited with her puppy and get some dog treats. Black and white photo shows Gracie with Kim Oldham. Color photo shows Gracie with Annie.

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