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Sylvia Woodwine, living in the Virginia mountains, discovered in 2005 that she had breast cancer. Prior to this bad news she had already established a page for Gypsy The Red Chihuahua to discuss her dog's life and to advocate for animal welfare. But Gypsy's already important role in her life became greater still at the advent of a personal medical crisis.

The above photo shows Sylvia with Gypsy after two surgeries and chemo therapy rendered her bald. In photos below, we see Gypsy with Sylvia when her hair was growing back (left), and after she regained a good head of hair (right). Happily the outcome of her medical treatment was a good one, with Gypsy of central importance in keeping her spirits high throughout.

She would ultimately become a three-time cancer survivor with her deerhead chi always attentively at her side. About her Sylvia says: "Gypsy is very smart even by Chihuahua standards. I have had other breeds which were bright and precocious, but never as intelligent as Gypsy.

"We enjoy her sensational personality which never ceases to amaze us. She rules our household like a queen whose royal treatment is her birthright. Because she is so very intelligent she can be strong-willed.

"Gypsy sleeps with me every night no matter what. She tells me when she is tired and ready for bed. This is a very special nightly ritual to me and it is when I feel the closest to her. She leads a very privileged life indeed. We would not have it any other way because she returns our love ten-fold and is an integral part of our lives."

At gypsy's website you'll find a great many more pictures of her wearing all sorts of costumes, a guestbook for feedback, and tales such as "The Story of the Pink Binkit" which became Gypsy's most cherished posession -- plus an extensive boutique of small dog garments and products.


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