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Halloween Parade

Starting with the parade's Garbage Patrol Chihuahuas, here are four photos of some of the scores of chihuahuas that participated in the 2009's Dogs' Howl-o-Ween Parade and Adoption Fair in Longbeach, California, borrowed from Kaori Wantanabe's Itsy Bitsy Inc Blog.

Kaori makes baby clothes for sale, but also makes dog dog kimonos just right for chihuahuas, because she's a big chihuahua fan and her own dogs are models for the kimonos or hapi coats which, by the by, are a lot more tasteful than most dog costumes.

Lastly, Kaori is a very unique children's book illustrator and writer. Search "Kaori Wantanabe" at and you'll find her "rag" illustrated books, i.e., 3D quilted illustrations.

Kaori's Archived "Diary Of My Life in California"

Kaori's New Blog

Kaori's Fabric Arts Company


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