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Cincinatti residents Scott and Sharon Bullock and their sons, ages three, five and twelve, returned home from a funeral to discover Jack -- their five-pound "Chirussell" chihuahua/Jack Russell mix -- dead on the front porch in a pool of his own blood.

While the family was away that day in June 2009, Blue Ash Police Department officers had opened fire on the six pound dog, then wrote a note admitting what they done before continuing on their rounds.

Jack had gotten out of the back yard and police had first tasered the tiny dog then when the little guy nipped at an officer, they just blew him away -- right there on tiny Jack's own front porch as he cowered in fear.

The dog had no history of biting anyone ever and had never before shown aggression. "He wasn't vicious" said Sharon Bullock, whose five-year-old cried himself to sleep that night.

Police wouldn't even apologize, but continued to insist they have every right to kill any dog that bites, degree of bite or danger posed by dog having no baring on the regulations. The department trumped up claims of severe injury long after the fact, providing conflicting accounts of how many times the dog bit them. A tasered dog on his own front porch might've been justified if he had gotten aggressive, but fascinatingly the police could not produce evidence such as photograph of bites nor were the officers themselves available to reporters.

And then the cops even decided to cite the dog owners for multiple violations such as failure to restrain their dog! None of this would've happened if they'd called the SPCA to catch the dog instead of trying to get it with guns and tasers, not your average tiny-dog-catching instruments. Still, Blue Ash police promise they will not change any policy whatsoever, and have no intention of behaving humanely in the future.

But hey, police kill black guys and immigrants for being "armed" with cell phones or nothing at all. Dog ain't much compared to who all police are permitted to kill and how easily they claim to have had no choice. See one of the news report:

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