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Not to be a killjoy or anything but this "cute" flabster, name of Munchkin, appears already to be blind in one eye, probably from untreated diabetes after a life of being fed human food under the table. Poor critter. She waddles and snorts winded by a walk halfway across the carpet.

Munchkin was the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest in 2005 at the Somona-Marin Fair, an annual event in Northern California. The organizers really doesn't care if dogs are well cared for or healthy, just so long as they are deformed or diseased in some manner, including feeding them until they weigh three times what they should. One repeat-winner even breeds for deformities in Chinese cresteds, and the annual contest rewards that.

The breed represented by Muchkin is unknown and her owner called her a Canardly, as in "can hardly tell." Whether she's part chihuahua or anything else is unknown. Some have speculated she's part affenpinscher, which are sometimes called "the monkey-faced dogs."

She was a shelter rescue who was taken home in the nick of time, as she'd been available for eight months with no takers. She wouldn't've lasted that long but for her disposition. She sweetly licked anyone who'd pay her a never-mind, and roll on her back like a rollypolly toy to have her obese belly rubbed. Although, to be sure, the oldest pictures of Munchkin (as in bottom right photo) reveal she was not grotesquely overweight in the shelter. Her adoring owner did that to her.


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