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Above) Nettie, a four year old Florida chihuahua became the center of attention at the Martin County Commission meeting, late in January, when the commissioners made the official proclamation declaring February 7 of 2010 "Companion Animal Adoption Day."

The official document was "signed" by Nettie's pawprint. Nettie was an adoptee representing the Friends Furever animal advocates coalitiion, who planned a celebratory adopt-a-thon on Adoption Day.

Below) The photo at the bottom is a remarkable portrait of "Phoebe of the Electric Personality." This picture was used at a rescue shelter website for a very, very long time as though Phoebe hadn't been adopted a couple years already.

Classic bait and switch: "Phoebe's been adopted, but we still have Munge Bucket the manged and warty Chinese Crested/Snorty Pug mix you'll adore."


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