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Warning! This story is rather horrific to stand. So skip to the next story if you're in a fragile frame of mind. At least the story works out well in the end, but hoo-wee is there unbelievable abuse involved.

A pervert robber broke into the Upland, Maine, home of Michele Lattin to steal her underwear and a cell phone while she was out. Heroic little chihuahua Shylo tried to protect the residence, so the pervert burglar grabbed a broom stick and rammed it down her throat.

When Michelle, 40, returned home, she could barely hear Shyla whimpering. She followed the sound until she found the little dog with the broom handle impaled down her throat aaand all the way to her anus.

After $10,000 worth of surgery, and nutrients through a feeding tube for a month, Shyla survived, and returned home to finish her recovery in April 2010, when these photos were taken.

The vet said it's a miracle she survived, which we may well believe. But Michelle has not felt safe since, as the burgler remained at large, with other break-ins in the neighborhood to steell undies, cellphones, and i-pods.

"The fact that he went through my drawers is a violation in itself. When he took it a step further and hurt Shyla, that's just a whole other story," Lattin said. "That's incomprehensible. You can't even give this guy a label because 'monster' is not strong enough of a word. He's just sick."

But of Zoey she says, "She's my little champion. I tell her everyday she's my superstar and my blessing." Michelle has become an advocate for an Animal Offender Registry.


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