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In April of 2010, this enormous sign, "Missing Tootsie Pop" went up on Park Boulevard near Tampa Bay in Florida. The billboard costs $1,500 for a month.

Mercedes Willis has tried everything to find Tootsie Pop, her longhaired chihuahua. She posted fliers, placed Internet ads, enlisted the help of United Parcel Service, Federal Express, and the U.S. Postal Service. She even consulted a psychic. She tried to locate a Pet Detective, but couldn't find one, though she admits "I think I've become one."

Mercedes said, "We really want her home. She doesn't think she's a dog. I've always treated her like a little girl. We've had her since she was a little baby. She's our little girl, and we won't give up."

Well, good luck, but she's been missing since March. I hope to see an update about a good outcome, but it doesn't seem very likely.

Tootsie Pop

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