Frosty Morn

'Frosty Morn'
Variegated Blush Stonecrop

"White things are rare things;
so rare, so rare
They stole from out a silvered
world -- somewhere."

-Anne Spencer


Hylotelephium telephium 'Frosty Morn' variegated sedum or stonecrop is often listed as Sedum erythrostictum, S. alboroseum, S. spectabile or H. spectabile. It is likely hybridized with S. alboroseum.

Frosty MornAlthough drought tolerant once it is established with a large rootball, it prefers moderate to occasional watering in sharply draining soil, never overwatered. It wants full sun but can tolerate a bit of shade. It is easily cold-hardy to Zone 5, & potentially to Zone 3 with winter mulching.

Developed in Japan, the amount of white edging on the succulent leaves can vary but we obtained one that is predominantly white with just a few stripes of apple-green aging to grey-green, & taking on a mahogany hue in autumn before it undergoes a winter die-back.

Clumps with the most green seem to grow taller (to two feet) than those with the most white (a foot or sixteen inches tall). In comparison to a non-variegated variety, it is slower growing because photosynthesis is hobbled by a lessened amount of chlorophyl. It is even so fully hardy.

They thrive in just about any soil, but can get floppy in organically rich soil, being sturdier & more strongly upright in poor light soils. Excellent for containers or the open garden, the bright leaves help break up a green border whenever flowers are scarse. It is not much bothered by deer or garden pests.

Late summer to mid-autumn's white flower buds open to reveal pale pink centers. The first photo shows the buds in September, the second shows them opened in October. There will be an increased degree of pink in zones with colder autumns. These blooms are much liked by late-season bees & butterflies.


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