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There's Paghat's address on the front side of a mail art card sent to her by BFM in December 2002. You, too, can send mail art to Paghat, & she will right away send her mail art to you. You can use any subject that is of interest to you, Paghat isn't fussy, but if you'd care to know what particularly delights Paghat, she has a special fondness for mail art featuring ratties & goddesses (or rat-goddesses), & amazons & Buddha & kabbalah & goth stuff or eerie things such as ghosts, or anything that is just damned funny.

Mail Art sent in the form of emails doesn't count; attachments that might carry viruses are never opened. You have to use the actual post & stick a stamp on it & write the address with your own spidery little fingers -- ooo, retro -- or it doesn't qualify as mail art. And always remember:

Senders Receive!

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