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Above Left) Lori Foster's novel Bodyguard (2008) is a comedy crime romance featuring the beautiful wide-eyed Regina Foxworth and her four-pound guard-dog, a chihuahua. Foster is also one of the three authors of The Truth About Dogs and Cats (2004), a chihuahua love story.

Above Right) Carmen and Luke: The Chihuahua and the Lion -- A Love Story (2009) by Janelle Santillanes and Brianna A. Santillanes. Tale of a marriage between an educated middle class Chihuahua from Mexico, and an Ivy League lion from Great Britain. A fable of cross-cultural human marriages and the sorts of conflicts that must be overcome. There is also available a CD of guitar music by Michael Tait Tafoya entitled Carmen and Luke (2010), flemenco music inspired by the children's book.

Below Left) Venus in Blue Jeans (2009) is a romance of a boy, a girl, and a chihuahua in Texas.

Below Right) Tom Quealy's The Oracle of Stone Street (2009) is about a cat who can read minds and drinks Bud Light, who leads a gang of unusual animals including an iguana, a black squirrel, a parrot, and a chihuahua-bull-terrier mix.

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