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Under the benevolent dictatorship of Emperor Daigoro, the Empire of the Chihuahua sets forth to conquer Planet Earth with true stories, folk lore, and wonderful photographs of chihuahuas from the PreHispanic Americas right up to modern times and worldwide. You're in for a pictorial treat -- so come and join the conquest!


Index of Photo Albums:

True Tales of Chihuahuas Volume I: 100 Pages. Stories of tiny dogs heroic, amazing, amusing, bold, brave, devoted, heartwarming, heartwrenching, deeply tragic, strange, or wonderful....dogs who saved lives, successfully attacked cougars, flew in a tornado, cornered burglars, won a million dollars for being cute, or survived awful experiences.

True Tales of Chihuahuas Volume II: 100 Pages. More stories of teency-weency dogs heroic, helpful, therapeutic, devoted, smile-inducing, tear-inducing, athletic and skillful, record-holding for smallness, ferocious, pitiful, whimsical.

True Tales of Chihuahuas Volume III. Still more true stories, from Conan the Zen chihuahua to chis celebrating Cinco de Mayo to helper chis and heroes, and absurdly costumed at special events and fashion shows.

Special Needs Chihuahuas. Wee beloved chihuahuas with special needs, handicaps, deformities, or health issues -- blind, one-eyed, deaf, paraplegic, missing a limb or two, and so on. These dogs were frequently rescued from sure doom after a period as discarded imperfections, but which in the main scored loving homes and better lives than might've been. Included are several World's Ugliest Dog winners which have included chihuahuas and the related Chinese Cresteds, and which almost always have health issues above and beyond mere homeliness.

Chihuahua Rescued from Hoarders and Puppy Mills. Every month across America thousands of dogs are rescued from puppy mills where dogs are poorly bred with minimal care -- legal and illegal kennels and backyard breeders against whom the law rarely moves unless or until conditions are agregious and complaints are made. Often overlapping with puppy mills are animal hoarders, who either accumulate or breed (or both) dogs until they are overwhelmed and cannot care for them, but are psychologically prone to irresponsibility toward their animals no matter how incapable of maintaining them healthily. Because chihuahuas are both small and popular, they are frequent top-choices of illegal kennels and hoarders who share a desire to pass under police radar; tiny dogs are more easily kept hidden.

Celebrities and Their Chihuahuas Volume I: 100 Pages. Chihuahuas and their actors, authors, musicians, sports figures, politicians, and all such in the public eye. Each album will max out at 100 leaves before a start a new one, and I have a thousand such photos in my files, so there'll eventually be at several Celebrity albums, not even counting the separate Classic Hollywood and International Celebrity albums.

Celebrities and Their Chihuahuas Volume II: 100 More Pages The collection of photos of celebrities and their chihuahuas continues in another volume inclusive of film and television stars, musicians and politicians, authors and poets, supermodels and sports figures, all sharing one thing in common: not grossed out by a chihuahua's french kiss.

Celebrities and Their Chihuahuas Volume III A continuation of the Celebrities with Chihuahuas photograph collection: actors, authors, supermodels, singers, sports figures, politicians, and others in the public eye.

Chihuahuas: Classic Hollywood. It didn't start with today's Paris Hiltons and Mickey Roarks. Chihuahuas have been the small obsessions of entertainers since the early days of Vaudeville, the silent film era, and before the Great War. Not exclusively Vintage Hollywood, this gallery also includes Golden Age European stars, plus a few politicians and famous authors and artists of the past of equal or greater celebrity, from the same early eras.

International Celebrities and Their Chihuahuas. Celebrities from entertainment industries the world over. I'm just beginning to build this one, but it will soon enough feature chihuahua owning actors, models, singers, etc., from all over Europe, Russia, India, China, Japan, South and Central America. Americans are rather parochial and while our native-grown paparazzi targets are generally well known the world over, the paparazzi targets of, say, Korea or Italy, are apt to be totally unknown to US citizens. Still, it's quite interesting to take a journey 'round the Planet as viewed through the tiny dogs of the somewhere-famous.

Movie Chihuahuas. There are more chihuahuas in the cinema than you are apt ever to have realized. This album is packed with very International coverage of chihuahuas in the films of many nations even if mostly the US.

Chihuahuas in Animated Cartoons. You'll be surprised how often chihuahuas appear in animated films! This growing reference gallery has stills from each of these cartoons, and in some cases a link to ir embed of the cartoons themselves.

Vintage Chihuahua Photographs Volume I: 100 Pages Chihuahua photographs of the Victorian and Edwardian age, Roaring Twenties/Jazz Age, from between the wars, '50s suburbia, on through the 'sixties or so.

Vintage Chihuahua Photographs Volume II. More antique chihuahua photographs of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, Roaring Twenties, WWII Era, and into the 'sixties or so.

Fun With Your Little Dog. An album of photographs of comical chihuahuas ranging from absurd to laugh-out-loud to Ahhhhhhhh-ain't-dat-cute. See chis laugh, dance, ponder, dissimilate, impersonate bunnies, sing, play the piano, are absurdly costumed, and all sundry silliness. As with most of these albums, there are some very amusing videos embedded.

Chihuahuas Conquer the Earth. Chihuahuas will one day, if they have not already, conquer the entirety of Planet Earth. They will do so with bravery, comedy, and cuteness, not to mention by means of a dash of foolhardiness and collusion from people who adore them.

The Chihuahua Library: 100 Pages. Showing one to six books, pamphlets, or magazines per page, this illustrated bibliography takes you through the world of fiction, nonfiction, children's books, young adult, reference works, the personal diaries of dogs, picture books, and miscellaneous other books focused on the subject of the chihuahua, in English and other languages from publishers around the world.

The Chihuahua Library, Room II. Continuing the format showing one to six books, pamphlets, or magazines per page, in English and other languages from publishers around the world, all on the topic of the chihuahua.

Native America Gallery: Dogs of Ancient North America. Dogs, small and large, are a regular feature of prehistoric petroglyphs, pictographs, and pottery throughout the American West, Southwest, and Gulf states. As the deserts of the Southwest in particular are contiguous with Mexico, it is inescapable that some of the petroglyph (art chipped into rocks) and pictographs (drawn onto rocks) have to be the techichi or proto-chihuahua, the oldest surviving native dog breed; and the dog effigies of tribes from midwestern state have a close relationship to the Colima pottery dogs of Mexico. Herein, a gallery of Native American illustrative and pottery art, with my meditations on their meaning and the place of dogs in prehistoric North America.

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