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Max, from Seattle, was the very first chihuahua to win the AKC Top Dog Agility Chihuahua championship, in 2001, and repeated his win for 2002 and 2003.

His mommy/trainer Linda Chapler tells many amusing tales of Max in competitiion: "It was a hot summer day and I had gotten Max wet. He stopped to shake in the middle of the weave poles, and I called him a little booger. The judge whistled us off. I asked her why and she said it was because I cussed at my dog. I guess some places bugger is a curse word, and the judge was from Australia."

Sometimes Max, thinking for himself, redesigns the way through the agility courses. Once he ran straight for the finish line since he knew that was the spot where he'd win. But he looked back and saw Linda hadn't completed the course at all, and so ran back to join her, helping her through it.

Linda said, "When Max and I began agility training, I was asked what in the world I thought I could do with a chihuahua. Well, just look what this chi has done!"


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