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Above) Boots and Pieces (2008) by Emily Ecton unveils the adventures of the sisters Ty and Arlie, with the helpful chihuahua Mr. Boots. They all set out to put an end to the threat of the Squishy Swamp Thing.

Below) On the left is The Night of the Living Lawn Ornaments (2009) by Emily Ecton. Garden gnome lawn ornaments come to life all over town, forming an army. It's up to Mr. Boots the chihuahua, assisting Ty and Arlie, to put an end to the night of terror.

On the right is The Curse of Cuddles McGee (2008) by Emily Ecton. A hamster comes back to life to terrorize a town in this children's mystery novel featuring Mr. Boots the chihuahua who helps Arlie and Ty save the town.

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