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Ericka Basile published and edited Naples Dog of Greater Naples in Florida, launched in 2006 as a state-of-the-art magazine with exxcellent photography, major articles, about twice as big as your average magazine.

Ericka never goes anywhere without her longhair chihuahua Coco, even when promoting her magazine as a guest on local television talkshows. Besides the especially privileged Coco, Ericka has two sharpeis (Bella and Gigi), another chihuahua who has a bent tail (Roxi), six cats, fish, and hamster, not to mention the two children. Her husband, asked he also loves animals, replied, "I love my wife."

Naples Dog lasted three years then apparently suspended publication as Ericka's website no longer mentions it. Her site is now about her dog portraits, and you noodle around the site a minute you'll soon find galleries of very nice dog and cat paintings.

Ericka's Pet Relish Gallery

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