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"Pepakura" is the Japanese (mis)pronounciation of "Paper Crafting." The art of pepakura is similar to origami, except instead of just folding and tucking paper, it is cut, folded, and glued to make the 3D figures.

Above right is a book from Kei Craft in Japan with designs for full color chihuahua, hound, and pug to cut out and glue together for 3-D paper dogs which stand a couple inches tall when finished. Also included with the 3D Paper Puppies Cut Out Kit are cut-out and put-together shoes (as toys), sofa (for the three dogs to take turns sitting on), and three collars.

Appended below are two examples of pepakura. The example on the left is freestyle just cutting cardstock to paste into a free-standing 3D chihuahua. The chihuahua on the right was constructed from a pre-printed pattern.

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