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1) Scant eleven-page saddle-stitched self-published booklet, Timmy Comes Home (2006) by Benjamin Rifkin, tells the story of a chihuahua puppy.

2) The Bogle Files (2009) by Kim Arrington, an author-published children's crime tale. The head detective is a Boston Terrier named Bogie. For this case, Bogie and his fellow dog investigator-dogs must find out what happened to Peco the chihuahua, and save him from the evil clutches of a gang of ruffian kidnapper cats.

3) A Story Book Collection (2009), author-published children's activity book to draw and color, built around three short tales of a boy named Brandon and his chihuahua Jack.

4) Chewey the Hungry Chihuahua (2009) by Lucie Lavin. Small saddle-stitched self-published children's booklet, a chihuahua alphabet, each letter with its own sentence, overall told in rhyme.

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