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1) Please Don't Feed the Daisy: LIving, Loving, and Losing Weight with the World's Hungriest Dog (2009) by Jason Bergund and Beverly West. Young adult novel/cookbook from HarperCollins about a chihuahua struggling with overweight, complete with recipes for healthy dog meals.

2) The Brave Little Chihuahua (2005) by Karen Crim. Minimalist booklet telling about a lost dog, self-published. Crim also self-published a chihuahua tale called Small Fry (2005) which likewise had a plain cover with only a couple pages, hardly more than folded leaflets.

3) The Huggingtons: A Story of Puppy Love (2007) is a photography booklet by Sally-Ann Fowler, with her narration, about a family of chihuahuas in Tasmania. Under the same title is a calendar of Fowlers' chihuahuas, and a dvd/video of the still photographs with narration by Fowler. All produced by the author/filmmaker/photographer.

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