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1) This and That About Chihuahuas: A Handbook for Owners and Breeders of the World's Smallest Dog (2nd edition, 1950) by Charles H. Wall, quite a rarity.

2) Blank-book or diary. This is a "Juicy Couture" chihuahua journal, featuring Hannie and Louis, the chihuahuas on the cover. Juicy Couture is a girls' fashions company vending handbags, jewelry, acessories. This was a transient product to capture the attention of diary-keeping girls who admired Paris HIlton et al, at a time when the Juicy line included chihuahua clothes.

3) How to Start Your Own Business Selling Collectible Products of Chihuahuas (2008) by Gail Forsyth. Self-published guide by and for morons. If you want to set up the umpti-umphth chihuahua boutique on-line and compete with hundreds doing the exact same thing, this is the book for you! And gee, there are just so many important points to be made specific to chihuahuas, it's not like it'd work if you were selling products for any other breed.

4) Chihuahua: Everything You Need to Know, Pet Video Libray Toy Group dvd.

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