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Nice-girl singer Kellie Pickler has quite the menagerie, including a python we'll hope never gets out and eats Moo-Moo the chihuahua (with whom she is standing, above), Pixie the powderpuff crested, or the cat Pickles.

She even has a tiny marmoset monkey (if it hasn't died yet; they're really not appropriate pets), as shown below. So she has not only the world's smallest breed of dog, but also the world's smallest species of monkey.

Kellie alway seems so even-keel and generous to others, without a mean bone in her fantastic bod. It's hard to imagine she has that feeling of emptiness inside, but who doesn't, sometimes. She says, "Animals help to fill a void," so obviously she's as full of sighs and sorrows as any of us, despite her kindliness and smiles.


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