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Mischa Barton

"The cutest girl deserves the cutest dog" says the fan club of actress Mischa Barton of the series The O.C.

Her longhair chihuahua-mix is named Ziggy, getting a big kiss in the topmost photo. Hard to tell what the other part of Ziggy's breeding might be, but the color and tail look Pekingese, but most Hollywood reporters have said Ziggy's a chi-pom.

Mischa also has a medium-size mut named Charlie, seen in one of the middle-photos trundling along with Ziggy and their mom Mischa. The other middle photo is in an off-leash dog park, and looks like Mischa worried about the bigger dogs and snatched up Ziggy who really should be running arouund. Last photo, below, is Ziggy as a pup.

Mischa Barton

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