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Pamela Saino was born in Milan, grew up in Rome. She has appeared in a number of Italian feature films -- i.e., Ciro Ippolito's Vanilla and Chocolate (Vaniglia e cioccolato, 2004) and television series.

She regards herself a method actor and takes her work much more seriously than a lot of young beautiful starlets would. Her younger brother, Andrea Saini, is also a successful actor.

She has three chihuahuas. In the top photo she has with her pale Drusilla and speckled Oliver. The middle photos are of Drusilla (left) and Cindy (right) in summery outfits. Below are Drusilla posing coyly with one paw up, and tough little Oliver in his sexy black leather jacket. Pamela calls these "my tiny super-dogs."

Drusilla and Oliver

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