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Paula Abdul

Paula Julie Abdul is a pop singer, choreographer, record producer, actress, and major television personality.

She is a major chihuahua devotee and at last count had five. The eldest, Tulip, is shown in these two photos. She became the fall-guy blamed in 2007 for tripping Paula when she fell on her face breaking her nose.

I dunno what to believe as despite Paula's recurring strange behavior and slurred speech. She claims not to be a drunkard nor even addicted to pain-meds for her several neck operations. Rather, she's just naturally loopy.

Yet I can't help but remember the wild explanations of a severely alcoholic friend I'd listen to with the most preposterous excuses for bruises and injuries and hospitalizations never admitted to be caused by extreme and recurring drunkenness. "Tulip did it" sure sounded like the same tradition.

Paula Abdul

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