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Lucy and Gibson

Top and bottom photos are of Lucy, the chihuahua belonging to actress Alyssa Milano (who is taking Lucy shopping in New York, in the top photo). The middle picture is of Lucy and Gibson together. Lucy's a little more nervous than is outgoing Gibson, because she formerly lived in a household full of bullying pitbulls, from which Alyssa rescued her in 2003.

Alyssa stated, "Lucy lived with four pitbulls and they were having their way with her. I walked by the front yard and I rang the doorbell. The guy said, 'Im actually trying to place her.'" So Alyssa took her home and named her Lucy after Lucille Ball. "She's changed my life," said Milano, who likes to dress up Lucy in goofy outfits on Halloween. I've seen pictures of her dressed as a bumblebee and as Yoda.

Lucy and Gibson

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