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The insanely named Angie Bimbo usually just goes by "Angie," and the French tabloids were delighted when they "discovered" her "real" name is Jenny. She's sometimes referred to as a supermodel, though at 32 years of age, if she'd ever been a supermodel we'd've heard of her before now.

Though she's an American (with a likely trumped-up persona as from Detroit and with a fetish for cool automobiles), she became a star of the TF1 reality game show De Secret Story which is the French version of Big Brother in which a lot of unlikeable people staying together in a big house vote someone out of the house each night, until only the most underhanded of these underhanded phonies wins.

It was on the air for 99 days in 2009, long enough to make Angie famous. The tabloids followed her on and off the show, beginning as soon as she came into the show's house with her two chihuahuas, Angel and Gucci.

All versions of Big Brother as adapted to various countries and languages include women with chihuahuas. One wonders if would-be participants sometimes stop by the petshop on the way to audition, or if producers get them the chihuahuas, and after the given season ends the dogs end up in the dustbins.

Photo below is of Angel and Gucci as pups. Above, Angie is holding Angel and Gucci on De Secret Story, alongside Romain who gave the tabloids fits when he asked Angie to marry him (another bit that turned out to be phony). I hope she at least really liked the chihuahuas.

Angel and Gucci

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