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Don Lemmon

Bodybuilder and celebrity exercise, weight loss, and nutrition guru Don Lemmon (1968-2006, early death in auto accident) had a chuihuahua/jack russell mix named Tequila, whom Don described as "World Famous Tequila the Chihuahua!" and of whom it was said, "All the showgirls in Vegas adore him and Hollywood loves him."

Asia and DonOnce upon a time Tequila had webpages of his own, but fame is fickle, and when I looked for a photo of Don and Tequilla, they had evaporated from the web, and I regret I have no photo to share of Tequila.

However, I can share a photo of Don kissing Pookie, the chihuahua he and Asia Carrera got together. The photo below is Pookie Poo as a puppy.

Tequilla was Don's dog before he met and fell in love with Asia, so she never knew him, but she shared the love of Pookie, who she holds up for the camera in the top photo.

In some circles Don's beautiful widow is more famous than was he. She's now retired as an adult film star. Besides starring in many films, she also had a major hand at directing, writing, producing, and is a self-described "nurd for porn."

But Asia's much more than a sexy-as-they-come risque babe. Daughter of a Japanese mom and German dad, as a pianist she played Carnegie Hall. She attended Rutgers University on a full academic scholarship and is a member of Mensa. If some people have trouble collate genius and artistry with her X-rated film career, then try harder to do so!

Oh, and a little side-thing kind of cool, Asia appears in an amusing cameo in the Cohen brothers' comic film The Big Lebowski (1998), in a faux film-within-film opposite Tara Reid. You wanted to watch that film again anyway, so this time watch for Asia.

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