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Grammy-winning Mexican singer-songwriter-actress "Belinda" (she rarely uses her full name Belinda PeregrĖn Sch¸ll) clings to her with her chihuahua and her pug (above).

The chihuahua's name was Bambi, a gift of her mother, and said to have been a lesbian chihuahua and, Belinda says, "Kind of my best friend."

Bambi died most tragically in 2007, run over by a truck as Belinda watched. The telenovella star still had Brutus the pug, and she has other chihuahuas, most famously Putita (below). Others are Cruela and Chino.

Putita's name means "Whore" (or at best "Bitch"), allegedly bestowed upon her not by Belinda but by Belinda's servants. She's also holding another of her dogs which looks like a pomeranian to me, though I suppose it's possible its a brushed-out longhair chi, either Curela or Chino.


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