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Bruno Pratico

International opera star, bass/bariton Bruno Pratico "is famously associated with his pet chihuahuas," and so, in the role of Dr. Bartolo in The Barber of Seville, as performed in L.A., NYC, Rome, Berlin, Paris, and so on.

As described of his performance when he was the guest star at the Los Angeles Opera, "when Bartolo leaves his house in the first act, he has a chihuahua walking with him, and, as he walks away, Pratico's Bartolo mimics the chihuahua's gait. Florez and Gunn, in a routine one imagines was first conceived of many performance ago, then appear to have stepped in the chihuahua¼s leavings, and try to remove the inconvenience from their shoes."

The chihuahua in these pictures is Bea, who took over the stage performances after the loss of Lisetta. When Lisetta died, Bruno obtained two chihuahuas, Bea and Clara, which were bred by Lost Island Chihuahuas.

Bruno Pratico and Bea

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